Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Reducing the Size of your Move

The cost of transporting your belongings interstate or overseas to a new location can actually cost quite a lot of money. Once you arrive at the new house you might also be waiting for some time until the household goods arrive, especially if they are coming overseas by ship, which can takes months sometimes. Due to this, it is often better to settle in to your new surroundings just with the bare essentials and put other household items into self storage for the present.

If you are going to store your furniture for a period of time, you should think about taking advantage of the services provided by the many furniture rental companies that now exist. Rental furniture is useful for medium term moves, such as a short contract overseas, or if you are trying to sell a property and want to ‘dress it’ so it looks good when potential buyers come to have a look.

Homeowners going abroad for work can store their own belongings in a self storage facility in their own town, hire furniture overseas, and then take their old furniture out of storage once they return home. This is often much cheaper than shipping furniture over large distances and avoids any risk in the process.

Furniture rental services provide practically everything needed for a comfortable lifestyle, from sofas and armchairs to home entertainment systems, rugs, and even kitchen equipment. Quality will be high and they’ll have various styles to choose from to suit your taste, after all if you are living somewhere for up to a year it would be a much nicer experience to have an attractive sofa to sit on!

Meanwhile the storage facility at home will be taking good care of your personal possessions and furniture so you needn’t worry about them. Get some quotes from a number of storage facilities as prices can vary quite a lot, and check out what services they actually provide too, in terms of the sizes of the units available and if they have a promotion available for instance. You can save a lot of money just by taking the time to research and compare different facilities.

Storage facilities in Sydney are also very useful for those who have the itch to travel to foreign destinations in the later years of their life, perhaps when the kids have gone to college or they have retired. Generally older people already have a house full of possessions and furniture and don’t want to have to sell everything they’ve collected over the years, as they will be away just for a year or two the easy option is to put it into storage where it’s safe and looked after by professionals.