Monday, 22 April 2013

Tips on Storing Your Leather Objects Without Damaging Them

While leather products are desired by many people, they often require regular maintenance and proper storage to preserve its best quality. However, storing leather items does not have to be a complicated affair. With a few simple steps, you can keep them away for a long time without having to worry about any wear and damages.
Leather products, if well preserved, last you a lifetime. However, regular maintenance, such as proper cleaning, conditioning and protection is necessary to keep them in the best condition. When it comes to storing leather items, whether at home or in some self storage facilities, there are steps which you can follow to keep them well protected, without causing damage to them by mildew or other conditions.
Applying Leather Moisturizer
Before you move them into a self storage unit, you need to condition the leather by applying a generous amount of leather moisturizer. The substances in these moisturizers, such as oil, lanolin and beeswax, ensure that their skin is kept hydrated and supple, hence preventing it from cracking or mildews from forming. If possible, you should also moisturize it periodically for as long as it is kept in storage.
Wrapping The Leather Objects
Whatever leather objects you are storing, be it leather bags, shoes or jackets, you need to wrap them up before placing them in a box. You may use materials such as dust covers, rags, plain papers or tissues to do so, but do avoid acid paper as the acid will attack the leather and cause irreversible damages to the products. When storing bags or shoes, you may wish to fill the bags and shoes up to their maximum capacity with papers or tissues. This is to prevent creases from developing over time, allowing the products to retain their shape while they are kept away. For leather jackets, shirts and other clothing items, hang these items up; do not fold. Creases will form if you fold them, causing the leather to crack.Storing The Leather Objects
Leather should always be stored in a well ventilated and breathable container and never in plastic or any air tight box as it accumulates moisture and encourages the growth of mildew and bacteria. If you are planning to store your leather items in a self storage facility, make sure you choose one that has storage units that are “breathable”. Some better storage companies in Sydney build containers with materials such as heavy industrial plywood that allows maximum air circulation, hence preventing moisture from building up, and keeping your items dry and fresh. To be absolutely safe, throw in a dehumidifier in the storage unit to absorb any excessive moisture that is still hanging around.
Another big enemy of leather, besides mildew, is sunlight. Direct sunlight dries up the fibres inside the leather and causes cracks and discoloration. So before committing to any warehousing facility, make sure that it is dark and cool, and well away from direct sunlight or any pest infestation.
With a few simple steps, you should be able to preserve and store your leather items properly for a long time without having to worry about wear and damage.