Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Things That You Should Not Overlook When Moving

There are little details that you often overlook when you move, but should also merit some attention, even if these are found at the bottom of your checklist. It is still good to get these done before you physically move, as these would sometimes cause more inconvenience if not done by then.

When we decide to move, we would normally settle the bigger items on our checklist – things we want to store and items that we want to do away (or donate), identifying and selecting storage solutions, selecting house removal services and the like. But there are a few minute details that we oftentimes overlook, and means a great deal. Some of these things are below, and hopefully will be part of your checklist, and leave this on the last minute. Some take time, while some can be cumbersome to coordinate and settle.

Moving to a new place involves a lot of tasks and items to do. You do a checklist of what needs to be done from selecting storage solutions to understanding whether there are additional benefits like packaging services, but even though you are very careful not to miss out anything, we tend to over look some minor details. These are little details that should also merit some attention, even if they are at the bottom of your list. Otherwise, no matter how minor these are, these details can be a great source of inconvenience for you. At some point, these are details that you should be looking at and get these done.

When you have decided to move, you immediately make a checklist of what you need to do months ahead. Once you have pinned down the date of your move, you back track and identify which items that need more time to accomplish, and items that could be done right before you move or after you have left your old area. You usually make a general list of the ‘bigger’ tasks that you need to settle like the area you would like to move in; selecting a reliable property agent that you would like to work with when looking for the place; identifying a storage solutions service based on friends’ recommendations and your own research, providing you with premium and additional benefits like packaging services, packing materials, and the like; and looking for someone to rent your old place or even looking at selling it, which, again, requires a dependable real estate broker. However, there are a few details that you overlook which could cause some form of inconvenience to you – one way or another. These are items that sometimes could be done less than a week before moving, but chances are, could be overlooked. These details are your bills, important correspondences that you do not want to miss out, and even your friends from overseas who would occasionally send out greeting cards to you.

Hence, these are a few of the items that you could start with:

  • Utility bills: when you have identified your moving date, contact your utility service provider on the minimum period of termination and if you have any pending contract with them like your telephone line, cable TV or internet; and how many days in advance do they need for you to call in and terminate and if they allow you to tell to them way in advance and they could set it in the system. If your existing utility service, say a cable TV, has remaining number of months to complete the contract, and pre-terminating it would mean a considerable amount of penalty, try to find someone who needs the service and do a transfer of ownership. This way, you could save yourself from paying the early termination fee. If there is no contract involved, ask your service provider if you need to call again to terminate and how many days prior, so that you will have electricity until the day you move out. Tell them, too, your new forwarding address for the last bill, or if you could just check it online and pay online at the same time.

  • Important correspondences from government regulatory boards: You need to ensure that you update your new contact details of your government social security, health insurance, taxes and the like. It is not only about receiving information, but also avoiding the risk of unauthorized individuals gaining access to sensitive personal information.

  • Membership correspondences: Would you like to be updated with new benefits for new members of your favorite shop? How about sales flyers? These may be nuisance for some, but if you are that type who would like to receive letters about the latest updates of your favorite shops from warehouse sales, to just members’ benefits, it would be great to update them, too.

  • Friends’ greeting cards: In this digital age, it is heartwarming to receive snail mail from friends all over. You know they took the effort to make that trip to the greeting card store, get a pen and actually write with their own hands. There, do not miss them out, too, in your updates. You could announce it in your social media site, or just send them a personal message as a group. But also, be selective, if you are keen to keep it amongst your closest friends.

Include the above items in your checklist. Do not be preoccupied with just sorting your items, skimming over the best solutions storage for your needs, and selecting a self storage facility in Sydney in the end, and arranging these for packaging services and the like. The above list is as important as your bigger and more tangible tasks; yet, these items should not go unnoticed, too. Start with the above, and you could add more as you move along. It is better to start somewhere with these, rather than risk forgetting altogether.