Thursday, 26 September 2013

Moving Your Bedroom Items

When you are thinking of moving houses, you try to plan your way through from the time you knew about it and when you have secured the new place to move to. Then you try plan accordingly by tackling the bigger items first – you find some self storage facility near your new place to store your items, you book this new place giving an estimate of when you start and for how you would require the self storage facility. After which, you now stand in front of your major rooms to be cleaned, sorted and the items to be packed away. You seem not to be able to put a finger to which one you would like to start with, but decided you have really have to do it. The first stop is your ‘bedroom’.

The bedroom, apart from your kitchen, can be one of the trickiest rooms in your home to sort through, clean up and pack when you are moving house. You see in every corner of the room items that you have grown familiar with and not have the heart to throw these away, memorabilia that you are hoping to pass on to your children or the younger generation in your family, and some items that you just forgot to sort and clear out, but then you foresee that you have some use for these. But this is just a single room. What if you are part of a family with at least 4 members?

If you are in a family this means multiple rooms with clothing, personal belongings, toys and furniture. And you just can’t seem to know where to start. Take a deep breath and just close your eyes to calm yourself. Once you have done so, pick a box and label it ‘used in the past 6 months’, ‘not used at all’, and ‘will foresee using in the next month’. You sort your things in the way whether you have used these or not in the past 6 months. Chances are, those that you have used in the past 6 months, you will still use it but those that you have not touched in the past 6 months, you won’t even bother picking these up in the next month. Now, the tricky part is ‘foresee to use in the next month’. This will involve a bit of thinking and foresight, but once you got the hang of it (and still have lesser items in this box), then you are on the right track of clearing up your bedroom with unnecessary items. By clearing up, you will be able to save a lot of space in the self storage facility or in the usage of mobile storage later on.

In a gist, it is always an important step to first sort through clothing and personal items in each bedroom and decide what you can take with you, what can be given or thrown away and what can be placed in storage.

Once you are done with the items not stored in the clothing cabinets, then you can start sorting through the clothes in the same manner. You just have to make sure these are place and packed in marked boxes so they can be placed in the right room in your new home. Mark the boxes and number them accordingly, while you note these down on a notebook. This is just to keep track of the number of moving boxes you have when you move form the house to the storage facility near Sydney and to the new home.

It is also important to keep clothing boxes nice and sealed so they don't get dirty during the move. Ask the movers to keep them away from heaving boxes so that these won’t get crumpled during the move and while in self storage. Also put shoes in separate containers - you don't want your clothing to smell like feet!

Next clear out the linen and other bedding and pack any personal items in the room away so you are only left with the furniture. Make sure that the boxes containing the linen, which are going to get heavy, will not be placed on top of fragile items. You need to note or color code the boxes if these contain fragile items or not. It will help the movers and make it easier for them to organize among themselves, as well. Once done, your pieces of furniture can be wrapped properly by bubble wrap. Then, you can dismantle your bed so it is easier to move and start taking out any other pieces of furniture which should now be empty. Ensure that you label the bed parts and keep them together in one place. You do not want to arrive at the new home and not able to find the bed parts easily. It is hard to sleep on the floor for one night!

Moving the contents of the bedroom can be tricky, similar to the kitchen. But once you get the hang of it, it will be a breeze and you can repeat the same steps easily in any part of the room. It will just be easy as 1-2-3!