Monday, 30 September 2013

Removing Anxiety from Your Office Move

Going through an office relocation can be a stressful experience, so you will want to prepare as much as possible in order to make the move run smoothly. Creating a clear plan as to how the moving day, or few days, will work on a practical level, and researching as much as possible about what needs attending to before the move is the best way to decrease stress and save valuable working hours.

You should try:
  • Researching and inquiring about storage and removal companies if your budget will allow it. This will make your life a lot easier as they will take care of all the details and organization involved.
  • Make a list of office equipment that will be required at the new premises and start sorting through what doesn't need to go with you and whether it is to be sold, given away or thrown out.
  • Put some items (especially furniture) in short term self storage if you have to leave the old premises before the new ones are ready.
  • Give yourself and staff members plenty of time to prepare and carry out the move. If you rush then it can be harder to make a smooth transition to a new office.
  • Make sure all the equipment and furniture will fit in your new office by making a floor plan and measuring all of your current and any new furniture you intend to buy.
  • Ensure all the technical aspects are organized beforehand so they can be up and running from day 1. This includes printers and photocopiers as well as internet connection and telephone lines.
  • Moving is similar to a new start, it means improvements can be made and upgrades instigated. Use this opportunity to get a better and faster internet provider if need be, or the latest PC models for the office.
  • If you really don’t want any time wasted during the working week then consider moving over a weekend when most offices are closed and official business often gets put on hold.
Delegate a section of the office to each member of staff including responsibility for their own working space and desk. With the whole office delegated to someone the work load is shared and it should be much easier to pack up and move. If this doesn’t appeal to you then put together a moving committee, hand over their normal daily tasks to someone else, and give them responsibility for the move. They would have to be good organisers and very efficient individuals - have a preliminary meeting beforehand to run through the issues that need to be addressed and then a few progress reports before the moving day to check everyone is on track.