About Us

The originator of the Supercheap Storage branches in Sydney since 2008 is EdwardThirlwall, young, enthusiastic and motivated.

After growing up in Papua New Guinea he moved to New York to study and then to university in Australia. Now settled in Sydney he is married with 2 young children and making a success of the removals and storage business. He likes the quiet life and his interests are mountain walking at the weekends, reading, playing tennis and surfing at the local beaches. Supercheap Storage is popular because they realise that every customer has different needs and work out a solution to accommodate this.

Supercheap Storage Sydney now offers storage facilities in these areas;

The portable storage units they use have been specially designed by them to provide the ultimate protection for your belongings; they also offer easy payment systems and two kinds of service depending on your budget and how much work you want to do yourself. The premium is for those with limited time, whilst the standard service is very reasonably priced.

Supercheap Sydney guarantees these quality standards;

  • Pick-up & delivery offerings are based on your funding
  • AFRA trained employees for you to carry along with loading your property
  • It's not necessary to pay money for dual taking away and the storing it 
  • Free of charge shielding padding
Supercheap Self Storage Sydney uses protective blankets for nothing - irrelevant of the sort of storage package deal you expect. Whether it be the standard package so you load all of it your self, or perhaps the top notch service so we perform all the things to do to do with transferring as well as storage. We provide this particular loading fabric costless thanks to Supercheap Self Storage Sydney  then again protective covers tend to be billed additionally by the other self storage enterprises. 

In our rates we do not have any unseen expenditures when it comes to such supplementary assistance. Our educated AFRA certified personnel shall include the outsized goods, in a nutshell all those possessions which aren't capable of being put inside a card board case, together with AAA quality removals padding. 
  • Absolutely free access six days each week
Due to the fact goal is to always give a very good storage experience, ease of access coupled with practicality are on top of the range of priorities. Subsequently, we offer, or maybe your accredited agent, six days a week admission to your own unit with absolutely no further charge. 

With Supercheap Self Storage Sydney it truly is less difficult to have access to the portable storage module. Have you ever used a normal storage shed you'll know how horrifying they are often! 

Initially you will have to get onto the warehouse in which you have to park your vehicle outdoors. Then you've got wander by using a cart for what feels eternally, frequently get a lift to search for your storage shed in the dirty facility. Admission is usually difficult, and it can consume numerous hours to recoup the smallest of objects. 

Only at Supercheap Self Storage Sydney, what you need to undertake is to call, indicating to us when ever you'll be going to the facility, and then we'll ensure that your storage space is moved right to the boot of one's van. Without the need for added expenses, you'll get what you look for rapidly. 
  • No locked in contracts
We know that people have distinct specifications so a couple of clientèle will probably occasionally want their goods back again before the last part of the period of time inside the agreement.

In contrast to the majority of self storage firms, Supercheap Self Storage Sydney would not freeze you in neither penalize you in the event you terminate your existing contract. 

If you are after convenience, affordability and mobility to extend your space, then portable self storage pod is what you need. And it is now becoming popular with the increasing cost of real estate, as well as the mobility of life nowadays. 

The popular modules can accommodate your possessions that could easily fill up and a large bedroom or a studio apartment. With convenience in mind, these portable modules are delivered right at your doorstep. You could load your items while these modules are on the back of our truck and once done, these are delivered to a gated warehouse facility near you or your new place. Also known as portable self storage module, these modules are reasonably priced. 

You could opt to have these modules re-opened when you need these to be delivered back to you or you could have an access to it 6 days a week at no extra charges. Our services are straightforward. Once you have made an arrangement with us of your loading day, the portable self storage modules are delivered wherever you are. The module remains at your doorstep while you are doing the packing and loading.

Once you are done, these modules are secured and are driven back to your desired storage facility. What’s more, you or your authorized representative has the authority to open these modules and access your items 6 days a week.