Tuesday, 9 April 2013

How to Make Your Small Apartment Look More Spacious

With apartments in cities rapidly shrinking in size, space-starved urban-dwellers are finding it challenging to decorate their small home. However, the task may not be as daunting as it looks. With a few innovative ideas and clever usage of furniture, colours and lighting, you can transform a tiny home into a well-organized living space.
With escalating property prices, making do with small apartments are fast becoming a reality in many cities. Even though apartments are shrinking in size, it does not necessarily mean that your personal living space needs to be compromised. With a few clever use of tricks and innovative ideas, tiny homes can be transformed into super efficient spaces without sacrificing your personal style and taste.
The key to decorating small apartments is to create a design that is functional as well as aesthetically appealing. Sounds difficult? Well, not really, if you have a few tricks up your sleeves. To maximize the space of a spatially-challenged room, you can play with scale and proportion, install lighting that enhances openness, and have customized cabinets so that you can have plenty of room for storage.
Here are a few tips on what you can do:
1. Use of mirrors to reflect light - Light amplify spatial sense. By placing a large mirror or numerous small mirrors strategically, it can make a real difference to the room. If you prefer a modern look, furniture with metal or glass works too.
2. Let the light in – Blinds and curtains create a sense of darkness and crowdedness, making a small room looks even smaller. Get rid of heavy draperies and go for lighter or sheer curtains that let light through. If possible, try to keep the blinds or curtains open as much as possible
3. Use light colours on your wall – I think most people are familiar with this one, but I include it in here because it is absolutely true. Have you seen small rooms that are painted in dark gray or maroon? Well, don’t do that if you are already struggling with space. You don’t have to use white exclusively too because other light colours can also do wonders.
4. Build customised cabinets – having plenty of storage space is very important for small apartment. The last thing you want to do is to clutter your space with personal stuff with no where to hide. If you can’t find cabinets or shelves that fit perfectly in your apartment, it might be a good idea to custom-built some. It may sound like a lot of work, but if you can get hold of a good contractor, he would know exactly what to do to make the cabinets look inconspicuous and even complement the apartment’s overall interior d├ęcor. You can also buy baskets or containers, such as those provided in self storage facilities to store any remaining clutter. Other ideas include getting furniture that has storage space within them, such as an Ottoman and bed frames that have drawers underneath.
If you still have problems fitting everything you owned in, try cheap self storage near Sydney. Store whatever furniture or possession you do not need away temporarily until, well, you can afford a bigger apartment, perhaps?