Monday, 29 April 2013

How to manage sellable antiques, comics, figurines and other collectables

Many people have a good collection of sellable items in their garage that they are trying to hold on to sell when the time is right. Eventually, these items will lose their value due to bad maintenance or improper storage. Here are a few tips to help preserve the quality of your valuable collections.
You are planning to sell the set of “Spiderman” comics you collected since you were a teenager, each one still in their cellophane protector, one day. However, the collection has started to pile up in your room, in the garage and in the cupboard and before you know it, some of the books start showing signs of deterioration due to the environmental elements. That loses the comics a whole lot of value which in turn means less money for your collection. Bummer.
Fortunately, this can be easily prevented with a bit of discipline and smart thinking. Here’s how.
1. Get plastic boxes
This is one of the most useful tips things you can get for any collectable. Because plastic boxes are sturdy and durable, and they don’t disintegrate fast, they maintain a relative stable environment inside them. To prevent further moisture damage, a bag of silica gel easily bought from a camera shop in the bag will dry out the interior effectively.
2. Organise
Label, label, label – this cannot be emphasized enough. If you are serious about collecting, labelling will help you in the long haul. It helps you see, at a glance, what is in the boxes, thus eliminating the need to open to check each box few years down the road. An example of labelling would be, “Box A – Toys of 1940 - 1950” followed by a list of the items in the box, such as, “Clapping Monkey” or Blue Toy Car”.
3. Maintain
Every few months, clean up the area the boxes are stored in. Watch out for cockroaches’ eggs, spider webs or the droppings of rats and lizards. Any pests that can sneak into the boxes can be your worst nightmare. A vacuuming and a proper wipe down will turn pests off the area. If pests are a major problem, look into pest control.
4. A self storage facility
If you are planning to move to a smaller apartment or just need that extra space, a Sydney self storage facility might be the best option for your collection. Check if the facility has long term storage discounts and other perks which can save you a whole lot of money. Check also for security features. Many of them have pretty good service.
5. Have a selling plan
Many people overlook this when storing their collectables but a plan to sell should be part of your storage plans. Look at the value of your items on online auction sites or pawn shops and sell those you deem has reached their full value. Get a trusted expert if you are really unsure. That can save you a whole lot of worry and time. A good selling plan means you free up more space for more items for your collection, thus keeping the cash flowing.