Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Protecting Fragile Household Items During a Move

Moving belongings to a new house can be a mammoth task and can be quite stressful for the home-owner, and there is enough going on when moving without the added factor of worrying about things getting broken.
While some household items can be packed without much chance of damage, others need to be packed very carefully if they are to arrive in the same state as they left.

Anything fragile, such as glassware and china, are the most likely items to be damaged in a move. Provide fragile items with plenty of protection by wrapping each piece separately and placing them carefully in a hard box, this can be cardboard as long as it’s tough and good quality, or invest in durable plastic boxes with handles, making sure there is no room for the items to move around. Stuff the empty space around the items with extra padding, newspaper or old magazines are fine and do the job just as well, but if you have bubble wrap then even better.

Padding in-between each item will stop them from banging against each other which could lead to breakages or cracks, plates for example should be packed separately and placed on top of each other at the bottom of the box as they are flat and heavy.

Art pieces can be easily damaged in a move because they are often delicate, large, or irregularly shaped.

These kinds of valuable things should always be kept separate from regular household items; you might even want to take them to the new house yourself by car. For smaller items wrap them well in bubble wrap or similar padding and pack them in sturdy boxes, if they are quite large then a moving blanket might make more sense as it acts as a very effective padding material. Consider hiring an art transport company to do the job if you are really anxious, or at the very least insure expensive artwork before the move.

Always check boxes containing fragile items are labelled accordingly, so that others helping with the move treat them with the care they need. You could even colour code the boxes, a bright colour for the fragile items would make these boxes stand out and remind the movers that there are breakables inside.

Large or oddly shaped furniture can be awkward to move. Ask others to help lift heavy objects to avoid damage to the furniture or physical injury to yourself. If you really do have a lot of things and are daunted by the thought of moving then why not hire the services of a professional moving company and make life easier?

Another good method of saving yourself some trouble is to make the move in little steps, start by moving the larger items to the new property and put other things into self-storage for safekeeping until you’re ready to collect it. This can make a move much more manageable as there is less to deal with on moving day, and as most good storage services will come and pick your things up you don’t even have to worry about getting to the facility for storage in Sydney!