Monday, 28 October 2013

Moving Your Bedroom Items

When moving house there is always a lot to do and the bedroom can often be one of the trickiest rooms to sort, clean, and pack. If you have a large family this means organizing multiple people, and multiple rooms full of clothing, personal belongings, toys and furniture.

You should always start off by packing those rooms that aren’t in regular use, such as the attic, the guest bedroom, the garden shed and garage, and even large closets. Then turn your attention to the main bedrooms. First sort through all the clothing and personal items in each bedroom, get the member of the family whose room it is to help too even if they are still young as this will make them feel easier about the upcoming move too, together you can decide what is to be taken to the new house.

Kids especially grow out of clothes and toys very quickly so it is very likely that you’ll soon have a growing mound of unwanted items to get rid of. This is good news for the new property as it won’t be as cluttered, but the bad news is that it will take up valuable time to organize, which is why it’s always best to make a detailed plan before moving with regards as to what needs accomplishing first and always give plenty of time to get things like this done as they will take a while.

Make different piles with items to be given away, items to be thrown away and those to be kept. Start sorting through the clothes that are to be kept and make sure they are packed in marked boxes so they can be placed in the right room in the new home. Try to keep clothing boxes sealed so they don't get dirty during the move. Also put shoes in separate containers - you don't want your clothing to smell of cheesy feet!

If you really want more space at the next house then try and encourage the kids to give some of their things away, clothes they have outgrown and toys they are too old for now. If they still really can’t bear to part with certain belongings then consider putting some things into a storage facility as they are very affordable and will keep things safe until it’s decided what’s to be done with them. You can rent a storage unit at a low storage price and clear space whilst keeping everyone happy at the same time.

Next clear out the linen and other bedding and pack it away in black bags or boxed. Personal items in the room can be sorted through and kept or discarded so in the end there is only the furniture left to deal with. Larger pieces of furniture can usually be dismantled, for example beds can be taken apart so it’s easier to move them and wardrobes too.