Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Declutter Your Home with Ease

It is sometimes innate for us to hoard items without knowing it. We seem to find things to buy even if these are items that we actually do not have any use of. This is especially true if we think that we have enough space at home, when in reality we do not. We continually build up the amount of items we have at home that we end up with a lot of clutter. If you really check on these items, half of these (or even more than half of these!) are things that you do not actually need. But what can we do, then? It is simple – de-clutter your home!

If you go to every space that you have at home – rooms, cupboards, cabinets or even shelves – you will be surprised that most of the items you will find are those that you have not used for a long time. At least for six months or more! Without a regular cleanup you can quickly find that cupboards, spare rooms, and other parts of the home become cluttered and you need to unload some of these items out of our home. To maintain a clutter-free home, it is important to be ruthless about what you keep and what you throw away. You just have to ask yourself a few simple and heartless questions – “Do I need this in the next 3 months or more?” or “Will I ever get to use this at some point in time?” If you find that you do not find any use for these items then it is about time to do away of these things.

Spring-cleaning is just the way to go. Do a regular general cleaning of the house. If you have kids, make it more fun for them so that they will help you or even have an easier time to clean their closets. Have a contest among your kids – whoever donates the most toys they do not need, they win something of value to them like a free movie with two of their friends. If you are living alone and just need to get it over and done with, why not make it more fun and profitable for you? Why not do a garage sale, instead? Don’t price the items too high, but just enough to get these disposed and earn a little money at the same time. For those items that are ‘un-usable’ just close one eye and throw it away. Sometimes, it is better that way.

During a spring-clean, regardless whether you are moving houses or not, ensure you are not keeping anything you won't need again. This applies to everything from clothes to the food in your cupboard. Give yourself plenty of time to sort through each room.

If you find that there are items that you do not immediately need, but cannot bring yourself to throw away, consider renting some storage space. This will give you extra space to reorganise your home without the need to throw away or sell things you may want later. However, do always remember that renting mobile storage modules in Sydney is not permanent. You will soon forget that you have one, and later on, you end up with more clutter at home and at the storage facility. So, try to re-visit some of the items in stored in the facility, and see if you can throw away most of these.

When you get into the same cycle of de-cluttering, then hoarding, follow this simple steps – look at what you have at the moment, ask the basic and simple questions of whether you need any of the items immediate, sort the items to things you need, things you can donate, and items that you can throw away (be ruthless in this part), and last but not the least do that actual donating or throwing away of things.

Once you have de-cluttered your house, just remember to make sure that you have follow-up by cleaning regularly and packing away what doesn’t get used.